Design competition: „Heroes” campaign for FFIR #13

Festivalul de Film si Istorii Rasnov 2021

The Râşnov Film and History Festival (FFIR) emerged in 2009 from the desire to capitalize on an important chapter of local and world cinema, but also from the need to produce relevant discussions in the Romanian public space. It is a unique event on the Romanian cultural market, in which History and Film meet in a serious, but also recreational form.

For the 13th edition, the FFIR organizers invite experienced or beginning graphic designers to participate in a contest to create the graphics of the promotion campaign. The theme of this year’s festival is „Heroes” and the argument for choosing this theme can be found below. The elements of the campaign will be:

– graphics for A2 poster, with a free area on one side for the logos of the organizers, partners, etc.;
– the same graphics from the poster but in A5 format, without the free area reserved for logos;
– banner for the facebook page;
– monogram for sticker, which can be used for printing on T-shirts, mugs, bags, badges etc.

The deadline for sending the works is March 31, 2021 at 23:59 to the address Participants will also send a statement guaranteeing the originality of the submitted works; otherwise they will be disqualified.

The jury will designate the winning concept on April 10, 2021. The prize is worth 600 Euro gross. Depending on the quality of the works received, the jury may decide to award other prizes or, on the other hand, will not nominate any winner.

Argument for the theme:

If we agree with the evolution of mankind from one historical epoch to another, climbing step by step, – Prehistory, Antiquity, Middle Ages, Modern Age, Contemporary Age – on a pyramid of time, the present is the highest point, the place where nowadays generation stick the flag and proudly say, „I’m here!”

Each generation had its flag bearers and often they went from the triumph of victory to the „garbage can of history”. But there are also people who once entered the mythology of peoples remained there and even received universal recognition, becoming symbols. They are the Heroes who made History!

We find them in school textbooks, in specialized works and even in religion books, but more importantly, we find them everywhere (we look) around us. They are represented in art, they have become sources of inspiration for music or, to our joy, many have become … movie heroes!

Do we still need heroes today? Who are they and how do they come to our attention? What drives them to acts of heroism? Why are some criminals and some martyrs? Why are some better known than others?

An honest edition about heroes, leaders, models and values.


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